School Motto, Vision and Mission


School’s Motto: Commitment to Excelence.


School Vision: By God’s grace and hard work to become a  school of choice that produces quality manpower for the society.


School Mission: To impart quality and practical education to the Kenyan youth for self sustainability.


Guiding Principle: “A School Of Quality” “On God We Call”

Core Values:

                          1.      Honest Service with Humility.

                  2.      Sharing in the Joy and Grief of Others.

                  3.      Appreciate the challenges and strength of self and others.

                  4.      Calling on God at all times.

                  5.      Living pure life and Walking in the light.





This is our download center for fees structures, news letters, forms and memos.


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The department is headed by  Ms Peninnah Munialo, Other members are  Mr David Okerosi,Ms Linet P. Mulaa,  Ms Nipher Kundu and Mr. …

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