School Facilities



1.     Administration block- Principals’ office, Deputy Principals’ office, Accounts office and Reception


admin block


2.     Library

3.     1 Science laboratory

4.     I.C.T room-  25 computers all networked with internet connectivity, laptop, 2 printers, white boards,

        projector, comfortable plastic   chairs.


ict room


5.     Sports fields- football pitch, volleyball pitch and handball pitch

6.     1 modern kitchen with changing room, storekeeper’s office, maize & beans store, W.C, sinks, water taps

        2 modern jikos to serve apopulation of 340 students


Our Kitchen


7.     Departmental offices – housing Science, Mathematics, Languages, Technical, Humanities, Exams and

        Director of Studies departments


admin. block3


8.     8 permanent classrooms





This is our download center for fees structures, news letters, forms and memos.


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The department is headed by  Ms Peninnah Munialo, Other members are  Mr David Okerosi,Ms Linet P. Mulaa,  Ms Nipher Kundu and Mr. …

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